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2015-07-23 16:58


    by H. E. Mrs. MA Keqing, Ambassador of China to the Czech Republic

Honorable Mrs. Jaroslava Jermanova,

Vice-Chairwoman of Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic,

Honorable Mr. Ivo Barek,

Vice-Chairman of Senate of the Czech Republic,

Honorable Mr. Hynek Kmonicek,

Director General from the Presidential Office,

Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps,

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening.

Welcome all of you to the Photography Exhibition-Scenery and Customs of Chinese Ethnic Groups. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Vice-Chairwoman of Chamber of Deputies, City of Prague and Prague Six for their kind support, and also to PPF Group and Villa Pelle for great contribution to this exhibition.

China is a unified country with multi-nationalities. Fifty-six ethnic groups live together in harmony. In the long process of history, different ethnic groups have been associated with each other and formed a living pattern staggered in large or small communities widely distributed across China. In China, we say the 56 ethnic groups are like colorful flowers in the grand garden of the country. Each of them has in its own way contributed to the development of the Chinese nation. Their cultural traditions and customs, which have enriched the variety of the Chinese culture, are highly valued and fully protected.

Photographs exhibited today manifest the lives of twenty-two ethnic groups such as clothing and accessories, charming landscape and creative buildings, as well as wedding ceremonies and festival customs. Some of the customs have been listed to the World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The photographs convey vividly the deep love for and satisfaction of life of the people from different ethnic groups.

Ladies and gentlemen, the culture of Chinese ethnic groups is an important component of Chinese civilization. Displaying the multinational culture is to help the world learn more about China through different lens and perspectives.

As the direct-flight between Beijing and Prague will soon be opened in the coming September, I sincerely wish and welcome more Czech friends and friends from other countries to China, not only to metropolis like Beijing and Shanghai, but also to the residence areas of Chinese ethnic groups. You will be surely taken by unexpected and pleasant surprises when experiencing the unique Chinese ethnic customs.

Thank you.

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