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Supporting Africa in Fighting Ebola: China makes its utmost efforts

2014-11-22 22:05

In recent months, the epidemic of Ebola that broke out in West African countries has been spreading, even going beyond Africa into Europe and the US, causing global panic. Under the pressure of international humanitarianism, some Western countries had to take actions to announcing assistance measures in high profile. However, the Western countries are still taking actions separately, which is something strange indeed.

In contrast with the approach of Western countries, China has taken a holistic approach in helping Africa to fight Ebola, participating in the whole process and offering comprehensive support.

China supports Africa in fighting Ebola both materially and morally. Apart from offering material assistance, President Xi Jinping timely sent messages of condolences to the heads of state of the three West African countries most seriously affected by Ebola, and Premier Li Keqiang exchanged phone calls with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Besides the spiritual encouragement, the Chinese leaders thereby also have demonstrated political and moral support and care to the people of the affected countries.

China has been fully involved in the process of fighting Ebola. In April, when Ebola just broke out, the Chinese government immediately offered emergency relief to the three West African countries. With the situation turning more serious and based on the needs of epidemic regions, China later announced three consecutive rounds of assistance. China has also promised that so only as Ebola persists in Africa, China’s assistance will not stop. China will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the African people in fighting Ebola to the final victory concluded.

China’s assistance covers a host of countries, not only Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the three West African countries in which Ebola is most rampant, but also their 10 neighbouring countries of Ghana, Mali, Togo, Benin, DRC, the Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. China helps these African countries to get better prepared against potential dangers by helping to build a regional anti-Ebola network to prevent the spread of the disease. Most of the anti-Ebola material aid the ten countries have received comes from China. China has also offered assistance in cash to international and regional organizations such as the UN, WHO and AU, supporting them in playing a leading and coordinating role in Ebola combat.

China’s assistance is both comprehensive and pragmatic. China offers most needed assistance to recipient countries, and such assistance keeps growing with the evolvement of the situation. The assistance includes hard assistance of material, food, cash, mobile laboratory and treatment centre, as well as soft assistance of testing and treatment, experience sharing , briefing and training and joint research offered by medical staff and public health experts sent by China. China is the only country in the world whose assistance is so comprehensive and enriched.

Chinese businesses also join the government in helping Africa. The Chinese government takes the lead in helping African countries to fight Ebola, which has mobilized other countries into the efforts. In addition, most Chinese businesses in the epidemic countries stay there to continue their production, supporting those countries with their real contribution to their economic development, which is in sharp contrast with Western businesses who have fled away in face of the epidemic. The projects undertaken by Chinese businesses in Guinea including municipal roads, telecommunication and hydro-stations all progress on time without delay, playing an important role for maintaining economic and social stability in Guinea. Moreover, dozens of Chinese businesses and chambers of commerce in the three epidemic countries contributed nearly a million dollars of cash, food and material to support local governments and communities to fight Ebola, fulfilling their social responsibilities. Not long ago,the National Development Bank hosted a donation ceremony in Beijing, donating through its China-Africa Cooperation Fund 150,000 dollars to each of the three West African countries.

It is not difficult to tell that China has made its utmost efforts to help African brothers to fight Ebola. There has been assistance provided by the Chinese government and support from the Chinese businesses, including material aid and spiritual encouragement, hard assistance as well as soft assistance. China’s overall involvement in and comprehensive input to the entire process has not only boosted the confidence of the governments and peoples of Ebola affected countries, but also mobilized the international community to join in the efforts, becoming an inexhaustible dynamism for affected countries and the international community to defeat the epidemic.

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