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Spokesperson's Remarks on Chen Shuibian's Stopovers in the United States

2003-11-07 00:00

       Q: Recently, Chen Shuibian stopped over New York on his trip to Panama and over Alaska on his way back to Taiwan, what is your comment on it?

       A: The real purposes of Chen Shuibian's recent stopovers in the United States is to carry out activities of splitting China on the international stage and undermine the improvement and development of Sino-US relations.

       We have on many occasions made solemn representations to the United States on Chen Shuibian's stopovers in the United States, and expressed strong dissatisfaction to the US side for allowing Chen Shuibian to stop over there and to make remarks of splitting in the US. We have repeatedly urged the United States to honour its commitments with real deeds by strictly adhering to the one-China policy and the principles of the Sino-US three Joint Communiqués and opposing Taiwan's independence.


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