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China's mainland ready for direct air link talks with Taiwan

2003-09-16 00:00

       An official with the China Civil Aviation Association said Monday in Beijing that the mainland is ready for direct air link talks with Taiwan.

  Pu Zhaozhou, an official with the association, made the remark in response to an indirect cargo transport across the Taiwan Straits by chartered planes recently announced by the Taiwan side.

  Pu said the mainland always holds the view that direct cross-Straits air links are an economic matter and should not be hampered by political factors. Whether they are regular flights ortemporary chartered flights, the issue should be treated as an internal affairs of one nation on the basis of mutual benefits.

  He said the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China on the mainland has mapped out a plan for direct air links, and mainland airlines have been well prepared for the day. The China Civil Aviation Association welcomes civil aviation organizations in Taiwan to come and talk about direct air links any time.

  The mainland side has been active in solving the difficulty of Taiwan investors on the mainland in cargo transport, Pu said.

          (from XINHUANEWS)

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