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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Yu Qingtai, Ambassador of China at the Czech-China Chamber of Commerce Reception

2011-10-14 16:07

Remarks at the Czech-China Chamber of Commerce Reception

by H.E. Mr. Yu Qingtai, Ambassador of China

October 12th, 2011

My colleges and I are very happy to be here today. Please allow me to begin by congratulating H.E. Mr. Kohout for his successful election for the President of the Czech-China Chamber of Commerce. I also wish to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have given their support to the development of the economic and trade relations between China and the Czech Republic.

Since its establishment, the Czech-China Chamber of Commerce has worked with diligence to contribute to the promotion of the economic and trade relations between our two countries, and I wish to thank the previous team of leaders for their efforts. At the same time, I am fully confident that the Chamber, under H.E. Mr. Kohout and his team, will be even more effective and successful.

We in China will continue to pursue peaceful development, and in the process, will continue to seek cooperation with all countries in the world. As clearly stated by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao before the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and Trade Forum in Budapest a few weeks ago, we see countries in the Central and Eastern European Region as our partners. In today's world, both China and countries in the region are emerging markets with great potentials. We certainly can work together so that we both can win.

Mr. President,

With your permission, I wish to take this opportunity to put forward some of my ideas and suggestions for you and members of this Chamber to consider.

To the Chamber, I wish to suggest that a broader and more comprehensive approach be considered in the pursuit of its work. While focusing on the promotion of economic and trade cooperation with your counterparts in China, close attention needs to be given to improving the more general understanding between our two countries and peoples, for after all, mutual understanding, including but much beyond the way we do business in our respective countries, is an essential first step for any fruitful cooperation.

To those Czech Companies that have not established a presence in China, I wish to suggest that a China component in your future development strategies will be good for you, particularly when Europe countries to face serious challenges from the persistent economic and financial crises. If you have a good product, or a good project, and I am sure many of you do, the Chinese market will be open and attractive, and it is certainly large enough to accommodate new partners. All you need is vision, and perseverance.

To those Czech companies that have successful operations in China, I wish to suggest that you bring your success stories back to this country, and share them with your friends in the Czech business community, thereby encouraging them to explore the Chinese market, and become equally successful.

Mr. President, members of the Chamber, and friends,

I wish to conclude by assuring you that the Chinese Embassy here in Prague will always be prepared to work with you in your future endeavors, because we believe your success will make a positive contribution to the comprehensive development in our bilateral relations, and to the interests of the people of China and the Czech Republic.

Thank you for your attention.

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