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IMPORTANT CIRCULAR:A Major Reform of Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair)

2004-06-02 13:59

   In compliance with the requirements of both visitors and exhibitors, Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) will introduce a major reform in its operation from Spring Fair 2002 (the 91st session), that is, each Fair will be held in Two Phases.

   Spring Fair
   Phase I:  Apr. 15 - 20 Noon 12:00  
   Opening Hours: 9:30 - 19:00
   Exhibition Space: 150,000 m2  (7,500 standard booths)    

   1. Raw materials
   * Building Materials
   * Chemical Products
   * Minerals & Metallurgy Products & Nonferrous Metals

   2. Machinery and Tools
   * Machinery, Instruments & Equipments
   * Small Vehicles & Spare Fittings
   * Vehicles, Constructional & Agricultural Machinery
   * Tools & Farming Implements
   * Hardware

   3. Electronics and Electrical Appliances
   * Electrical Appliances
   * Electronics & IT Products

   4. Textiles and Garments
   * Garments
   * Textiles
   * Artex
   * Textile Raw Material & Yarn

   5. Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products and Medicines & Health Products
   * Foodstuffs & Tea
   * Native Produce, Animal By-Products & Carpets
   * Furs, Leathers, Downs & Products thereof
   * Medicines, Health Products, Hospital Equipments & Medical Instruments  

   Spring Phase II.  Apr. 25 - 30 Noon 12:00
   Opening Hours:  9:30 - 19:00
   Exhibition Space: 150,000 m2 (7,500 standard booths)

   1. Houseware and Articles of Daily Use
   * Ceramics
   * Houseware, Kitchenware & Tableware
   * Furniture
   * Lamps & Lanterns
   * Footwear & Headgear
   * Articles of Daily Use

   2. Gifts and Ornaments    
   * Gifts
   * Ornaments
   * Toys
   * Horologe, Optical Instruments, Stone Carvings and Horticultural Products

   3. Stationery and Sports Goods
   * Stationery
   * Sports Goods & Camping Articles
   * Bags & Suitcases

  (Stone Carvings and Horticultural Products are exhibited in both Phase I and Phase II)

  Business people from all over the world are warmly welcome to the 91st Session of Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Spring) 2002!

   Chinese Export Commodities Fair
   November 2001

   The above change serves as part of our continuing efforts to improve Chinese Export Commodities Fair and adapt the Fair to international market. To prepare ourselves to the coming reform, we shall highly appreciate your response to this brief survey.

   Your country:_______________  
   Your company's name: ___________________________________

   Would you attend the Fair in April 2002?
   Yes____         No____
   If no, please specify the reason.________________________
   If yes, please choose the phase that you would attend and then specify the business line(s) you are dealing with.

   1.Machinery, Instruments and Equipment__  
   2.Small Vehicles and Spare Fittings__
   3.Vehicles, Constructional and Agricultural Machinery__
   4.Tools & Farming Implements__
   6.Electrical Appliances__
   7.Electronics & IT Products__
   11.Textile Raw Material & Yarn__
   12.Chemical Products__  
   13.Minerals & Metallurgical Products & Nonferrous Metals__  
   14.Native Produce & Animal By-Products and Carpets__  
   15.Furs, Leathers, Downs & Products Thereof__    
   16.Foodstuffs & Tea__
   17.Medicines & Health Products and Hospital Equipment & Medical Instruments__  
   18.Building Materials__
   19.Stone Carvings__
   20.Horticultural Products__

   2.Houseware, Kitchenware & Tableware__  
   4.Lamps & Lanterns__  
   5.Footwear & Headgear__
   6.Articles of Daily Use__  
   10.Horologe & Optical Instruments__  
   12.Sports Goods and Camping Articles__  
   13.Bags & Suitcases__
   14.Stone Carvings__  
   15.Horticultural Products__

   We at the CECF thank you for taking time to answer our survey. Kindly send us your response by fax to 0086-20-83335880 or e-mail to info@icecf.com

   Chinese Export Commodities Fair
   November 2001

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