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Spokesperson's Remarks on Kiribati's establishment of ties with Taiwan

2004-06-02 14:21

       In the afternoon of November 7, the Kiribati Government announced the establishment of so-called  "diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan Authorities. The Kiribati Government signed the documents on the establishment of so-called 'diplomatic ties' in disregard of the long-term friendly relation and cooperation between China and Kiribati. This move is an open violation of the principles of the joint communiqué on establishing diplomatic relations between China and Kiribati and is a gross interference in China's internal affairs. We want to express our extreme indignation and resolute opposition. China's Ambassador to Kiribati has been instructed to make solemn representations and strong protest to the Kiribati Government, urging it to observe the principles established in the joint communiqué and the memorandum of understanding between China and Kiribati signed in 1980 and to abide by the one-China policy which has been pursued by the Kiribati governments. The government of Kiribati should promptly correct its wrong decision. Otherwise, it must take full responsibility for all the serious consequences resulted thereof.

       The Taiwan authority has been practicing an unscrupulous policy of "dollar diplomacy" in the international community, attempting to create "two Chinas" and "one China, one Taiwan" so as to realize its political goal of "Taiwan Independence. Such separatist activities have damaged the fundamental interests of all Chinese people including the Taiwan compatriots and are absolutely futile and unpopular

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